Maltese Match Officials  appointed for the UEFA EURO Under-19 Championship Final Tournament in Slovakia

Published: 20-06-2022 11:51

FIFA Referee Matthew De Gabriele and FIFA Assistant Referee Luke Portelli are in Slovakia as they have been appointed by UEFA for the final tournament of the UEFA EURO Under-19 Championship that will be taking place from 18th June to 1st  July 2022.

A total of 6 main referees were selected for this final tournament; 2 other officials will act as 4th Officials.  

On arrival at the tournament, both officials had to undergo a rigorous fitness check and they both successfully made it to the final selected group.

The referees will be all under the guidance of four very experienced referee observers, namely: 

  • Larsen Jorn West (DEN) 
  • Fernández Marín Juan Antonio (ESP) 
  • De Melo Pereira Vitor Manuel (POR) 
  • Ruzbarsky Marian (SVK) 

The first match for both officials was last Sunday 19th June where Matthew De Gabriele acted as 4th official and Luke Portelli as Assistant Referee 2, in the match between England and Austria, played at the Štadión SNP-Banska Bystrica.

Their next appointment is scheduled for Tuesday 21st June where Matthew is appointed as referee for the match – Romania vs France at the DAC Arena – DunajskaStreda . He will be assisted by Asst Referee Luke Portelli with two other Portuguese Match officials who will act as Asst Referee 2 & 4th Official respectively.